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Visual Storytelling: Troll Quotes

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Hey Guys!
This week for my visual storytelling assignment I decided to do “Troll Quotes.” I remember seeing this option last week when we had to do one of these assignments but I didn’t understand exactly what they were asking. I re read the instructions again this week and everything finally made sense! So basically all I had to do was to find a picture of someone famous, think of a quote said by someone else but who has some similarities with the person in the picture, and then attribute that quote to a third person. I looked at some examples and thought they were really funny, so I knew that I had to pick this one! I began thinking about what characters I could use and I wanted to use three people that everyone would undoubtedly know. This was kind of hard because I wanted everyone to get the joke, but I couldn’t think of three people that could be used together and still make sense. Since I love ancient history, I began thinking of the famous pharaohs, generals, and emperors that lived during those times. I immediately thought of Julius Caesar’s famous quote, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Instantly I knew it was perfect! I then thought that the picture of the person should be Alexander the Great because he was also a very famous Greek general, but I looked up pictures of him and realized that there was nothing that could distinguish him so that people would immediately know it was him when they saw him. I then thought of King Tut and proceeded to switch it up so that the face was King Tut saying Caesar’s quote and attributing it to Alexander the Great.
I hope you like it!

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