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This little assignment has give me a lot of trouble:

1- Had to load some drivers for the sound device to be able to caption audio from the browser application. Sound mixer was not appearing in the device sound control in windows 7. Had to enable sound mixer and configure audacity to pick sound from this device

2 – Had to unplug the HDMI cable to the monitor and replace it with a DVI cable so us to have a control over the sound mixer device . Had to add the audio analog cable.

3 – Pick several sounds clips from and capture to audacity.

4 – Rename all the tracks , because i was getting confused with the timeline clips.

5- Repeat some audio tracks to fulfill the background sound

6 – Augment the wave track so to get the Killer wave.

7 Notice that , on the process of capturing audio from the mixer , some of the clicks from the mouse were also recorded. Had to redo all the work but had no energy spare …Maybe next year.

After 2 hours i could finally get the output. Here it is . It is 2 minutes  and not the 90 seconds.


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