Flower Sash

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Here are my first wedding themed photos for my final project! I also set up the plug-in Slickr Flickr to display my final project photos on the sidebar. I had to change the theme of my blog because my former blog theme did not have a sidebar available.

Anyway, this is a flower sash I purchased from ProjectU on etsy.com. Etsy is a website where people can purchase unique, handmade items from individual sellers. I love the whole idea behind Etsy! I bought this flower sash to be worn around the waist of my wedding dress. I picked the colors peach and green because our wedding colors are peach, green, and blue. I had fun taking these photos and figuring out how to pose them. I thought a vase was appropriate since we would typically put flowers in a vase. I experimented with different angles and liked these two photos best.

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