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I was preparing for my meeting with Party Elegance, an event rental company located in downtown Fredericksburg, by gathering samples of our wedding colors and thought “this is part of the planning process…I should take a picture!” So I did. What I’m about to write probably sounds a little extravagant but…I ended up taking over 50 pictures of the magazine with tissue paper below! How hard could it be to take a decent picture of a magazine with tissue paper? Apparently a little challenging for me. I kept getting a glare on the magazine or the lighting was too dark or too bright or the layout just wasn’t right but eventually I found three pictures I am pleased with. So the peach color as shown on the magazine and the green and blue of the tissue paper are our primary colors for the wedding. Not everything in the wedding will be these exact shades…I like the idea of incorporating different related shades and not having everything be matchy matchy.



















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