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Project Update

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Here is a quick update on my semester project. Very quick actually. Moving on. In bullet points*:

  • Not all cheesy 80′s rock comes from the 80′s. Some of it comes from the late 70′s and might more accurately be categorized under glam rock that happened to influence cheesy 80′s rock.
  • The reason I’m referring to this show as cheesy 80′s rock is because what I consider to be cheesy 80′s rock actually falls into multiple pop/rock/ categories including hair metal, album rock, and stadium rock. Since they all sound the same it’s easy to lump them into “cheesy 80′s rock” but the fact is that Journey does not equal Twisted Sister no matter how hard you try. And I’ve tried, trust me.
  • Cheesy 80′s rock tends to be longer in terms of song length than music that came before it and music that came after it. Which means that my original idea of asking for song suggestions will not be happening because I already have enough music. This makes me a little sad, but we shall persevere.

More information will be imparted during next week’s show. Until then enjoy AV Club user’s interpretations of Charlie Sheen as a tiger-blooded warlock. Some of them are really good.

*Bullet points are actually my favourite way of dealing with the fact that I can’t always come up with complete sentences/paragraphs. It’s a wonder I haven’t used these more often to be honest.

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