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  1. Nora

    Last Radio Show Ever

    I don’t remember the first song I ever played on WMWC. I’d like to think it was something by the Kaiser Chiefs, but I really don’t know. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that the radio station had a blog and so it wasn’t until then that I have any kind of record of what ...
  2. Nora

    This Is Not DS106 – It’s DS406

    To Whom It May Concern, This is not a 100-level class. Do not take this class thinking it’s actually a 100-level class because it’s not. I don’t know what the Comp. Sci. department are thinking, but this class (or at least this iteration, I can’t speak for section 2) is not at a 100 level. ...
  3. Nora

    Doctor Who

    You might recall from my “big” graph of fandoms that one of those fandoms was Doctor Who. Based on the sites I frequent (, AV Club) this Saturday’s premiere of the 6th season* of DW is pretty well known. If not, this Saturday, 9pm, BBC America. Watch and be amazed (hopefully). But today the DW ...
  4. Nora

    I Took A Photo of My Fandom(s)

    There was a time when I didn’t know what fandom was. This doesn’t mean I was a fan girl (I really was) I just didn’t know what fandom was or that I was a fan girl. I just knew I really, really liked the Beatles. I’ve since learned (in depth) what fandom is and that ...
  5. Nora

    Last Cuts

    So last night I had my second to last radio show (ever) and quite appropriately I played last tracks from albums. In introducing the theme of the show I said that part of what constitutes a last track is the conditioning you get from listening to an album over and over again. I then went ...
  6. Nora

    The End of an Era or My Mashup

    I have a lot to say about being a WMWC DJ. Most of it’s very positive. But that’s for another entry, probably next week. This entry is about the mashup I created for the assignment that will also be featured on my last radio show ever next week. My idea was that I would string ...
  7. Nora

    Last Week’s Radio Show

    This entry has nothing to do with copyright. I promise. So I haven’t written about last week’s radio show. I apologize for this, it’s just been one of those weeks. I’m doing it now though. As I mentioned on my show I have had some trouble in the past programming female (or lady) artists. We ...
  8. Nora

    Sharing Isn’t Bad Unless It’s Not Yours and Then It’s Stealing

    *DISCLAIMER: For the last time, I’m not actually an expert on copyright law. I have opinions on it, but then again I have opinions on lots of things including music, literature, and film. So while it’s nice that I keep getting my opinion asked on matters concerning copyright law, I don’t know what I’m talking ...
  9. Nora


    This is my favourite* mashup ever. It was introduced to me by a friend in 8th grade and every time I hear one of the songs used in the mashup I almost immediately say “TUSK!” in my head. I feel I should point out that I haven’t heard full length versions of most of the ...
  10. Nora

    Mashup Solution

    Here’s a conundrum: You’ve been a diligent and dedicated DJ at your local college radio station for three and a half years. However because you have managed to graduate on time (fingers crossed) your tenure is coming to an end and you’re having to put together your last show. This makes you sad because there’s ...
  11. Nora

    Mashup Conundrum

    I don’t know what to do for my mashup. My original idea was to string together a bunch of clips of Stephen Fry being awesome* and calling it a day. But after thinking about it long and hard I’ve decided that even my idea of taking various clips from all the various projects Mr. Fry ...
  12. Nora

    Copyright, Mashups/Remixes, and Film Majors

    A Warning: I’m excessively tired today. I will do my best to work through my tiredness, but if something doesn’t quite make sense, that is why. Also I’m cramming a lot into one entry, so this is going to be kind of lengthy. I apologize. Copyright *Disclaimer: I am not a legal expert. I am ...
  13. Nora

    The Kinks or Tonight’s Radio Show

    I’ve written a number of entries in my other academic blog about the Kinks so instead of writing those entries again (in essences) I would suggest you just read those. And now the songs that were (and one that wasn’t) played: Playlist You Really Got Me – Kinks* A Rockin’ Roll Fantasy – Misfits Give ...
  14. Nora

    Project Complete

    At the moment I’m currently exporting a medium sized movie from iMovies having finished my brief but appropriately summarized argument about the inherent darkness of Bright Young Things. I’m hoping my audience is smart and that the dialogue kind of speaks for itself (which is a large part of why I chose the clips I ...
  15. Nora

    Progress Continues

    I have managed to cut my video down to 11 minutes and 57 seconds, but part of me is worried that I won’t have enough time to actually talk. The thing about Vile Bodies and Bright Young Things is that they’re very wordy and the dialogue is the most important thing, especially with my argument. ...
  16. Nora

    Copyright Law History in 10 Pages

    This entry has little to nothing to do with this class. However I like marking mile stones and some of you might be interested in what I’ve been doing this weekend. That I can’t seem to connect to UMW Blogs, so this will just have to do. It may have taken two weeks of procrastination ...
  17. Nora

    Second Hiccup

    I have clipped Bright Young Things. It is, as I remembered it, an absolutely brilliant movie and I will forever love Stephen Fry for a) directing it and b) adding a happy ending for the hero and heroine (the movie is based on a book that had a rather ambiguous ending, but more on that ...
  18. Nora

    The First Hiccup

    So I download VLC player. I pressed the record and I unpressed the record button. Turns out VLC files go directly to the video folder, but there they were. I had recorded three clips from the last episode of the first season of Supernatural. I look at the various sources given to us yesterday trying ...
  19. Nora

    Web Story Final Draft

    So I’ve parred down the number of erroneous entries and changed the color of the links I edited to make it more obvious what is and isn’t part of the story. There is one last thing I’d like to add: All of the locations are places I’ve been or have heard about enough to know ...
  20. Nora

    Technology and “Friday”

    I’m a pop culture junkie. In another life I would have been a history major and would currently be getting ready to go to grad school in cultural studies with an eye to teaching course on popular music.* I read the AV Club religiously and trust them slightly more than I trust anyone else when ...
  21. Nora

    First Draft Web Story

    I’m considering this my first draft largely because there are things I want to add, but this was my original idea and I like it. I just want to flesh it out slightly. I did a screen grab of the whole page (which is kind of crucial for the story to be understood) but you ...
  22. Nora

    What I Know I Know

    Sometimes you don’t always realize how much music you actually know until it’s shoved in your face. For instance, I knew Blur’s “Song 2″ well before I officially got into Blur. I didn’t know the song was called “Song 2″ but when I heard it all the way through for the first time there was ...
  23. Nora

    Web-Based Romanticism

    Point of fact: I’m a big soppy romantic. I may come across as a satirical female dog, but in my heart of hearts I’m as romantic as they come.* Another point of fact: I’m not particularly good with visuals. So with our web-based story I’m going to play to my strengths and edit the craig’s ...
  24. Nora

    Senior Thesis/Radio Show Playlist

    I swear, I write more blog entries in my head than I actually write on my blog. I come up with great ideas and then stuff happens. Like other homework that’s slightly more important (like say a thesis presentation) or relaxing (after said presentation.) This is slightly (but only slightly) more relevant for my other ...
  25. Nora

    Random Comments and a Radio Show

    I was a ballerina for nine years. Ballerinas have a very specific hairstyle and really any deviation from that hairstyle can cause problems. Ones hair is long, not layered, and does not involve bangs.* The first thing I did when I stopped being a ballerina was cut my hair incredibly short and get bangs. Since ...
  26. Nora

    Cheesy 80?s Rock is Not in My Wheel House

    Last night in a rather confused conversation with Prof. Groom (at least from my perspective), he basically ended up dissing me for playing into the stereotype of the kind of music that existed in the 1980s on my radio show this past week. When people think of the 80s, they think of the music my ...
  27. Nora

    Saturday Morning Cartoons

    There are shows from one’s childhood that, because of the wonders of the internet and DVDs, you can rewatch now. When a person does that, they usually notice things in those shows they didn’t notice when they were 6 or 7. I’m not much for nostalgia when it comes to the cartoons I watched on ...
  28. Nora

    Project Update

    Here is a quick update on my semester project. Very quick actually. Moving on. In bullet points*: Not all cheesy 80′s rock comes from the 80′s. Some of it comes from the late 70′s and might more accurately be categorized under glam rock that happened to influence cheesy 80′s rock. The reason I’m referring to ...
  29. Nora

    Zombies and Other Things

    Now that I’ve given myself a few days to relax and gotten through my mid terms largely intact I’m going to do an entry on my radio group’s five minute clip. Our clip, as you heard in class last Thursday, is about zombies. I would like to point out that our entire show is not ...

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