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Today is the big day for the ds106 audio projects: everyone will be unveiling their 30 minute radio shows starting at 2pm! In the meantime, here is a small sample from the show Patrick and I created, Tales of the Town. This segment is a sound effects story, exploring an unnamed individual’s unusual evening on the docks. Check it out:
On the Docks

One of the motivations behind this segment was to get a better grasp of Audacity, and it worked like a charm. Arranging, leveling, clipping, fiddling, and tweaking all those clips was a great learning experience, and helped immensely as Patrick and I got deeper into making our show. The one thing it did not do, however, was help me learn how to record voice in the field – that was a challenge in some of our other segments. I think the results in our show were good overall, though. Check us out at 3pm.

Night on the Docks – Kevin MacLeod
Walking Along – Kevin MacLeod
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