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The first radio show I listened to was the Angstas and I thought their impressions were quite amusing. My favorite impression was the one about Adolf Hitler. I loved the accent he used and he was very funny. I had no idea that he wanted to go to art school. I thought I was a good idea that they a picked a subject that a lot of people could relate to. Even though not many teens can relate to Napoleon Bonaparte or Luke Skywalker. It’s funny to think that they had teen problems also.

The other radio show I listened to was the show about road trippers. I loved how they interviewed the people about their favorite. I thought it was really made. I especially like how the girl was screaming while the man was trying to listen to the basketball game. I wasn’t’ sure if it was actually a little girl or they just altered someone else’s voice.

Regarding are own show I do not like Radio. I hated using the audio editing software and I thought it was really stupid. I think I am more of a visual person and I got bored of radio really quickly. I put some much work into editing our radio show. I also don’t like how my voice sound on the radio I think its really weird

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