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Over the past weekend I tuned into ds106 radio to listen to two 30 minute segments. The first show I listened to was about a girl who kept dreaming about herself and some strange mystical creature. I personally thought this sounded like a segment from a movie, but could not place which one. I think the motive was to make the story scary, but it was way too dramatic for me. Unfortunately I never did really understand the point that was being made. Since I did not understand what was going on, I had a real hard time trying to finish this assignment. The second show was about the life of a teenager in the past. The first part of this show still had me bumming. Basically, they took a diary entry from history from a famous person of the past. Finally they got to a diary entry from Sacajawea and former President Bush. Wow, what a great job. I definitely had a good laugh. Overall, I don’t mind listening to ds106 radio, but I do find many of the topics rather boring. I guess in the end it’s just not for me.

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