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When I first heard the details of the Radio Assignment we were being given, I wasn’t very happy. 30 minutes just seemed like way too much time to have to fill, especially with such an open-ended topicĀ  assignment. In the end though, it was the fact that it was so open to doing whatever we wanted that made it a not very hard assignment for my group. Our biggest roadblock was definitely creatively, figuring out what we were going to do and how we were going to fill such a large amount of time. Our first five minutes felt like a bit of a struggle too, at the time I didn’t feel very confident about our topic. However, when we split up at Spring Break we came up with some simple ideas first for segments and split them up among us. We each sorta went on our own tangents with our topics and wrote the various segments. Jared wrote the talk show segments and the commercials, Travis wrote the news and weather, I wrote the “Encounters” and did the audio work. When we came back it only took us one meeting to get everything we needed to get done recording-wise. I guess the worst thing about the assignment was the timetable, having spring break in the middle made it very hard to organize with our groups or really give us an opportunity to meet more than that one time for recording.

If I could do the assignment over again, I would definitely be interested in trying a different approach to the show. Do something less conventional than ours. Not so say I didn’t like ours, I do, but were I to do it again I obviously would want to do something different, probably more sonically abstract

For my listening I tuned in to ds106 radio from 2-3pm on Sunday. The shows I listened to were pretty interesting and drastically different from the direction that we took with ours. In the first show I really enjoyed the overlapping of dreams and reality narrative. As a psychology student the concept presented at the end with a different person taking over was definitely interesting to listen to. They used lots of sound effects really well and kept me intrigued. In the second show I really enjoyed the monologues that they presented as different people from history such as Hitler and George Bush. The accents were generally pretty good and where they were not good they were extra amusing to make up for that fact.

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