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UMW PolitiFact

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For my Web Storytelling project, I am going to change PolitiFact.  PolitiFact is a St. Petersburg Times fact checker.  Basically, they search for the truth it what politicians say.  If Obama says:

Then, PolitiFact checks to see if this is true.  They give ratings such as promise broken, mostly true, true, false and pants on fire lying.  The website has won a Pulitzer prize and has really tapped into a new way of evaluating/holding our politicians to the truth.

Now, my project is going to throw away the truth and make UMW PolitiFact.  Everything will be changed to UMW officials and things they have said.  Through the Bullet, I already know of some pretty ridiculous things that said.  They will be given similar ratings and there will be bogus UMW stories on the page.

I’m really looking forward to making UMW PolitiFact.

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