Craigslist Time line Webstory

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This assignment took me forever to come up with an idea that would work! I would come up with an idea but then the website that I wanted to use for it would be too complicated or the story I wanted to use wasn’t going anywhere…this must have happened 4 or 5 times. BUT finally I came up with an idea that worked! I used Craigslist to serve as time line to tell the story of how my fiance and I met and so on. Craigslist was pretty easy for me to use except I couldn’t get rid of some pointy symbols. Every time I would try to delete one of the pointy symbols another would appear! Nevertheless here is the final product! When I view this on my blog on my computer it’s a little hard to read but if you click it once or twice you will be given the option to zoom-in.

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