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New Idea: Super Moon

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So I have been working on my web story all morning and it just hasn’t been working very well.  I was trying to use PolitiFact, but my main problem is the advertisements.  When I inspect the element for the rotating ads, it cannot find them.  Then, when I save the PolitiFact page with any changes, the advertisements stretch out all over my page.  They are basically ruining the page and I cannot figure out how to get rid of them.  I did some searches online about this, but I was not really able to understand what to do.

While I liked my original idea with PolitiFact, I have decided to use a different website.  I am using the NASA website (which has no ads) to tell a story about the super moon.  Yesterday, there was a super moon, which means the moon was closer to the Earth and brighter than normal.  The full moon last night looked very big and there are some great photos of this online.

I am going to tell the story using the NASA website of how the super moon is causing problems all over the world, even though super moons rarely cause problems in real life (only the water rises a few inches).  This page and story is working out a lot better.

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