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Damn you Weather!

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Well as the weather starts to turn our final project starts to take shape.  My friend Marc and I were going to start filming our final project idea (longboarding) this week but the weather has decided against this.  This weekend’s weather does not look promising but next week looks like a perfect time to start filming.  An now that we are starting this video unit today this seems like the perfect timing for both things.  We are going to do a little bit of story boarding this weekend to work out what we are going to do specifically so that we have a good outline for what we should do when we start filming.  And with all the salt and sand finally off the roads things will be a little more safer and fun for us as we do the filming going down hills.  Plus with the trees now blooming I am really excited for the kind of shots we are going to get.  Here is a video that my friends and I shot a couple summers ago.  I am hoping for something like this in case you have never seen a longboarding video before.


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