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How to Tell a Story (maybe)

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I think I express this sentiment in the audio itself, but they didn’t turn out that great. There is so much to think about when asking people for what they have. Honestly, I have 20 stories on my computer, and most of them had to be scrapped for various reasons. I wanted these to work out so badly, but they just didn’t pan out! I’m not particularly happy with the finished project either… I might try and change it or re-post it at a later date.

Recording stories is super difficult because…
a) I had to get people to come up with a story
b) I had to decide if it would transfer to audio
c) I didn’t know if it was only funny, because I know these people
d) It takes everyone a long time to get comfortable
e) I had to deal with everyone’s inner-diva (everyone hates their voice)
f) There is so much outside noise in this world!!!!

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