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Final Project

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Now that the video essay is out of the way, I’m going to start really working on my final project. The inspiration for my final project came out of my history thesis that I’m curently working on this semester. My project is about the cultural history of honey bees and honey bee management. Throughout the semester I have been compiling cultural references and uses of honey bees that haven’t quite fit into my research project but that I really want to use in the final project for this course. After working with video, audio, and photography this semster, I want to incorporate all three into the final project. What I am going to do is use a series of instructional photographs from a 1920s bee manual, edit the photos by cutting them up, drawing and adding to them in order to expand the narrative, edit them into a stop-action like video and layer it with the 1957 recording of Billy Myles’ Honey bee. So far I have started making additions to the photographs. My scanner isn’t working right now, so once I can borrow a friend’s scanner I’ll post the first couple photos. For right now, here is the series of photos I am working with and a recording of the song via youtube.

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