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The Mashup Musuem

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American Gothic/ Starry Night over the RhoneThe Son of Man/ Houses of ParliamentThe Scream/ Cafe Terrace at NightNapoleon Crossing the Alps/ Tulips in HollandThe Great Wave off Kanagawa/ Starry Night

Since for my final project I am doing a video mashup, I decided to go visual on this one. I really enjoy art history and I also like playing around with photoshop. I knew I had to find paintings that were easy to identify, so the audience could fully understand the changes. Ive also added the images of the actual paintings to give the audience a better perspective. I found it quiet challenging to find the right painting combination that would work. I realized that impressionist paintings would work well for the background since they are so vague and tend to be depictions of nature. For the foreground, I had to find painting that had a single subject that would stand out. You would be surprised by the magic photoshop can do. The main tool I used in photoshop was the magic wand. This allows you to take out certain portions of an image depending on liner and color. The subject’s in these paintings had to be really defined so the magic want could recognize them. I had so much fun doing this project.


I first opened the picture on photoshop and selected the background with the magic wand

Then I copied it in to the forground and did some resizing, image editing and croping

The Great Wave off Kanagawa, By Hokusai + The Starry Night, By Vincent Van Gogh


American Gothic, By Grant Wood + Starry Night over the Rhone, By Vincent Van Gogh


The Son of Man, By René Magritte + The House of Parliament, By Monet


The Scream, By Edvard Munch + Cafe Terrace at Night, By Vincent Van Gogh


Napoleon Crossing the Alps, By Jacques-Louis David + Tulips in Holland, By Monet


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