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When I woke this morning feeling like the seacobeck midnight breakfast had sucked all the nutrients and vitamins out of my body – i really needed fruit. I selfishly scrounged through the kitchen unsuccessfully. I was even ready to eat my housemate’s banana or apple. But there was nothing. Not a single piece of fruit to be found in this house. What I did find was a lot of chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate covered peeps, a chocolate bunny, a bag of dove chocolates, chocolate eggs, chocolate gingerbread trees, a cadbury egg, and over two bags of hershey kisses. Now, I am a huge fan of chocolate, especially hershey kisses. A they are the perfect snack for finals week. The only problem is their lack of nutritional value. So for my fandom project I made a slight change to the hershey kiss bag so I could enjoy my breakfast, knowing it would fuel me up for the long day ahead of me.

Its hard to read from the photo but a single hershey kiss now contains:
Vitamin A 20%, Calcium 35%, Iron 30%, Vitamin D 15%, Vitamin K 10%, and much much more.

(Its the nutrition information from a Luna bar)

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