Visual Part Deux

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My dream car (the number one on my list should I win the lottery or become wealthy enough to enjoy it before I die) is the porsche carrera.  It is beautiful, powerful, and a quality car like no other. I’ve been in love since I first saw it…sometime before I was 10….and there is no going back. I once got the opportunity to sit in the passenger seat of a silver carrera and I almost died. I imagine getting to drive, let alone own such a machine, masterpiece of fiberglass and metal, would be something like this…. I sit in the custom sewn leather bucket seat.  My left hand on the steering wheel while my right hovers above the six speed stick. (I know paddle shifters are quite popular now and used in the racing circuits but there is nothing quite like making that gear change on your own).  I’d fly down the road picking up speed that I didn’t know was possible. A straight away would be best to get over the initial excitement of being in control of such force.  Then we (yes, the carrera and I) would head to the mountains for a long ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It would be the perfect day.  

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