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Cropped Signs

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_cpzh4: We think of creation as addition, but there is a form of creation by deletion (e.g. Newspaper Blackout poetry In this assignment, you need to change, alter, enhance the meaning of a sign by cropping out parts of it. This should be doing in camera, but could also be done in post- crop out, but do not photoshop in any extras. Also, be sure to describe in you caption or blog post what the original sign said. For the example below, the sign said “No Canada Tennis Parking” but by removing the last word, it makes it sound more like a radical anti-tennis call for action., _cre1l: Visual, _d415a:, _d5fpr: cogdog, _clrrx: 129, _cyevm: , _cztg3: , _d180g: 650


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