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A Couple Of Thoughts About A Couple Of Videos And A Reading

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All of the information given in these videos and the reading pretty much hit home for be because I want to be a teacher one day. I really like and agree with the statement that Gardner Campbell made during his talk, in which he stated that there is a “new age of education is programmed for discovery rather than instruction”. The main reason that I like this quote so much is because with all of the new types of communication and information that is becoming available for everyone around the world, it really allows for students to go off on their own to learn and discover  all of these new topics and put as much enjoyment and passion into it as they want. Students now are able to go onto Google or some other search engine and type in anything they can possibly think of and sit there and go through thousands of pages on that particular topic. As a future teacher I find all of these forms of communication exciting, because it’s something that if utilized correctly can change the ways teachers teach and students learn for the better. This is where I found a nice little link to Michael Wesch’s presentation. He talks about this generation of learners being a “tuned out” generation, and when he discusses this with his students he finds out that 50% of his students don’t like school as a whole, but all of his students like to learn. Now to me this kind of seems contradictory because as a student you go to school to learn, so shouldn’t they like going to school? I think that this generation of learners and all of the future generations to come, need to be taught using all of the different forms of technology and communication available to their teachers and you will see an increase of how many students actually like school. Now this is just an opinion, but I know from a students perspective that if  I was taught using all these different forms of communication like youtube and twitter (like we are in ds106) that how I learned in that class would be a completely new experience to me. These new ways of communication and sharing ideas and having your ideas being open to people all over the world that these two men talked about, is something that I feel should really be embraced and utilized by people, whether they are educators or not, to really help future generations learn and discover new things.


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