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Daily Shoot #582: Heat

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Illustrate heat in one of its many forms in a photograph today.

ds582heatHeat doesn’t always mean fire.  Sometimes heat is in the look and the lips of a young woman.

I used my Droid X to take this picture.  My friend Shannotate let me use her face (haha) and was very patient has a took a dozen pictures, messing with the settings in the Vignette Demo app I have.  The background (all the red and orange in Shannotate’s neck, for example) are all the app’s work.  I uploaded this to Photoshop.

After watching this excellent demo by Teen11Tech on how to change the colors of very specific sections of a photo (the demo messes with eye color), I made a selection of her lips and then heightened the reds there.

Oh, prior to the photoshoot, I asked Shannon to apply a bright red shade of lipstick called “Starlet.”


Thanks to shannotated for letting me use her FACE! ;P

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