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Daily Shoot #583: Water

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The assignment: “Make a photograph of water in one form or another today.”

This seemed like a fine excuse to make a visit to ye olde ice cream shoppe.


I used a new app that I downloaded to my Droid X to take the original picture.  The app is called Vignette, and I’m using the demo version because I’m cheap, an amateur photographer, and I don’t pay the bills for my phone service.  Therefore, it’s generally Not Okay for me to make extra purchases.

I used some kind of effect, but I can’t remember which one it was.  Sorry, readers. :(   I’ll do my best to remember the names for future photos. But, it highlighted the blues and greens and washed out pretty much everything else.

I then took the pic to Photoshop, where I made a selection of the inside of the cup and messed around with the color hues and saturation.  Finally, I made a new layer via copy of the inside of the cup, selected the background layer (the rest of the photo) and changed it to black and white, heavy on the contrast.  I think it makes the colors stand out more.


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