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Mad Blog Scientist

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I installed everything with almost no hassle.

I felt really terrible about not donating anything to Akismet, but I rationalized that I could always give them money later, and my little blog probably won’t take too much sweat on the part of their servers to handle.

I chose Slickr Flickr as my Flickr plugin, because it was the first one on the list, to be honest.  I activated it, but it’s not showing in my sidebar.  I probably have to mess with widgets or something, and I need to read the plugin documentation, but it looks pretty fly on the app’s site, so I’m excited.

Right now, it’s just a matter of continuing to update my blog, make it look sharp and personal.  Being a perfectionist, however, it takes me a little longer to be satisfied with the results–making the results take longer to correctly be produced.  Have faith!

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