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Visual Assignment: Ordinary to Extraordinary Leigh to Leelzebub

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The visual assignment that immediately caught my attention was the one where you take someone in their ordinary getup and transform them into something totally different.

Well, taking a cue from my good friend Leelzebub (and using her as my model) I’ve come up with a story (that she may or may not approve of :P )

Leighanne Ellis: College girl. Plays video games, loves her boyfriend, writes frequently.  Likes to make guacamole and eat burritos.
Leelzebub:  The devilishly mischievous one.  Plays pranks on her roommate.  Taunts her cat.  Turns heads and laughs loudly wherever she goes.  Feeds on bacon.

Both of these personas exist in Leigh, but I wanted to exemplify them both separately.  I hope I accomplished that :)

So what I did is pretty simple.  The first steps came from real life, where I forced my roommate to sit down and let me play dress up with her.  I curled her hair, did her crazy makeup, and put her in a skirt.  It was wonderful girl-bonding time.

Next, after the preliminary pictures were taken, I picked the two I thought conveyed the most “Leelzebub devil” side and began to edit.

The first thing I changed was the contrast.  I wanted her to look like she was coming out of the night.

Next, I changed the color of her eyes.  Free select tool, etc.  Then, used colorize to get the effect.  I did the same thing for the hair, which took a lot longer than the eyes did :)



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