Four Icon Challenge – Videodrome

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In honor of Dr. O’blivion so graciously teaching our course, I decided to do a four icon challenge based on his breakout (and only) role in Videodrome.


The handcuffs represent the material broadcasted in Videodrome (oh, you know what I’m talking about). The television is clearly, well, because half of the movie is staring at a television, and because it is the driving force in the plot. The gun represents the fate of the main character Max Renn. Finally, the videotape, because that’s how O’Blivion communicates throughout the movie. I had considered putting the gun after the tape, however, I felt that in the nature of this course it would be more appropriate to highlight the Doctor’s role by putting it at the end.

This was fun to think about! I had lots of movie ideas (including lost in translation and eternal sunshine.. to name a few).

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