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Battle Plan: Design Assignments

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I carry on! This week is full-speed ahead. I’m going to be hitting ds106 even harder!

Battle #4

"Battle #4" by Dave Pearson

Here is my plan (subject to change, as usual):

  • d&ds106 Monster Manual” — Take one of the people from ds106 and make them a monster profile a la Gary Gygax’s classic 1977 Monster Manual. Make it a playing card, using a series of pre-defined qualities from the manual. You can see an example of this here:
  • Minimalist Travel Posters Based in Movies” — Create a minimalistic travel poster for a location in film, TV series, etc. Look at these awesome examples using the various locations in the original Star Wars trilogy:
  • Pokemon Card” — Create a Pokemon card for yourself, what are your powers?
  • Iconic You” — Create an iconic image/design for your own site that somehow represents you.
    Here is my interpretation: Designing Little Devils
  • Minimalist TV/Movie Poster” — Create a tv/movie poster that captures the essence of the story through the use of minimalist design/iconography.
  • Iconic Identities” — How many elements can you remove from a design and still have it be recognizable? Take a common theme and attempt to convey it using minimalist design.

Yeah, I’m really excited about this week and I want to do almost all of these assignments.  We’ll see how many I actually get done.

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