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Daily Shoot #590: White Out

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Make a photograph that features white in a dominant manner. Use a white subject. Blow out the sky. Use your imagination.

I have ended up with two versions of the same picture and can’t decide which one is better. I’d love to hear opinions in the comments.  This first one is what I tweeted to Daily Shoot.

ds590whiteI took this photo with my phone’s Vignette Demo app using the monochrome filter, which I’d never used before.  As usual, I took several shots around the pool area, feeling very self conscious and trying not to look too weird.  Although there were a couple other shots I thought were neat, I knew this was the one I’d use for the Daily Shoot because I not only like the lines, but I also like the fact that I’d caught the little boy in my frame on accident.

I knew that I wanted to mess around with Photoshop again, since I hadn’t altered any of the Daily Shoots in a while, nor had I felt very good or creative about them, and I imagined that what I changed would be the water.  So the above version is what I went to the lens imagining I’d create.

The version below is without the colored water.  Just the little boy in the red pants, water color left out to emphasize him.

ds590water2I can’t decide which one I like better.  Probably the second one.  You tell me!

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