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Daily Shoot – Skittle vodka deadline!

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My brother is coming to visit me for the evening and I promised him I would make him skittle vodka to try.
This picture is of it still marinating, I wasn’t able to get the vodka due to credit card issues (long story) until this afternoon, and it usually requires a whole day to sit in the alcohol. But it’ll still be good!
The recipe is simple, I can’t take credit for it, but I really don’t remember where I first saw it, sorry!

* Giant bottle of vodka (any kind will do. Being a college student, I just get the cheap kind)
* Big ol bag of skittles

1. Separate the skittles by color
2. Divide the vodka into 5 different containers
3. Add ALL of the skittles of each color into their own container. The more skittles the better!
4. Let sit for a day (or at least 4+ hours)
5. Once ready, get 5 coffee filters. This part is tricky. You have to strain the skittle pieces out of the vodka. Be careful when pouring! Coffee filters really work best for this step :D
6. Drink responsibly!

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