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DS106 Wrapup

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For our final exam we were supposed to make a video on our final thoughts about DS106, so here’s mine. DS106 has definitely been my most favorite class that I’ve taken so far at Mary Washington. I enjoyed getting to learn how to use all of these different media devices like PhotoShop and Garageband. And the Oblivion narrative really added to the fun aspect of the class. As a whole it didn’t really feel like I was in a class, but I knew I was always learning something new and in my opinion that is one of the best ways to learn. There is nothing that I would ever change about this class, besides maybe giving us more time to do more things but besides that I really enjoyed it. Hope everyone has a great summer, and thanks again to Jim Groom, Martha Burtis, and everyone else who contributed to making DS106 Summer of Oblivion an amazing class. DS106 4Life.

P.S. Here’s the link to my video

P.P.S I don’t really like recording myself.

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