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Do You Merit A Badge? // The Badge of Oblivion

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Merit a Badge: Badges.  Badges are the future of education.  With a badge, you can express your skills in a visible and authentic way.  Without a badge, you’re just another worthless drain on society.

Better get yourself a badge.

I created this assignment in the wake of the hubbub surrounding badges.  For those of you who aren’t as embedded in education debates as I have come to be, proponents of the system want to be able to give people badges as a way to indicate competence in a certain field.  For example, if you take an Excel class, you might get a “badge” for that.

Critics argue that this is stupid, that we already have badges in the forms of  resumes, degrees, and certificates, and (most importantly) that the badge system is not the game changer in education that is touted to be.  Maybe instead of developing badges, education think tanks could work on a system that would get poor kids better education. That might actually do something. You know, just sayin’.

Anyway, the point is: You need a badge. So, let’s get you one!

Summer of Oblivion

Did you survive the DS106 Summer of Oblivion? If you did, then wear these badges with pride!

The Wheel of Oblivion:

Badge of Oblivion

The Face of Oblivion:

Face of Oblivion

Put this badge on your website, or print it out and pin it on your shirt! No matter what you do, you’ll be letting others know: You looked into the Oblivion and made it out the other side.

(Get the JPGs here:

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