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ENGL 457: A Working Bibliography for House of Leaves

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As we all know, House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski is peppered with real and fake bibliographic footnotes.  It’s largely impossible to tell which is which simply by looking at it, and that is part of the point.  I’m also unaware of a complete and functional list anywhere on the Web; on the other hand, if it exists, it likely exists on the original HoL’s forums and we are not allowed to go there.

I’d like to create one for our class, and perhaps for anyone else who, for some reason, desires to know which citations are real or not and where they lead.

I will break it up by chapter.  I will list the cited works, note if they are fake or fact, and then provide a link to the work, if possible. Each chapter will have it’s own entry, and this entry will serve as the master list.

Format: I will adhere as closely as possible to MLA format, since I am most familiar with it, and I feel it would be most appropriate as “The Navidson Record” is written as a piece of media criticism. Footnotes will be noted along with their number.  In-text citations will be included and indicated as such.

Any suggestions on this endeavor are more than welcome.

Note: If you find I have missed a work, leave a comment on this post with the page number on which the work appears along with its name. If you find I have incorrectly labeled a work, leave a comment on the post where the incorrect listing appears with a link that provides evidence.

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