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Name That Single: DesignAssignment

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Is it too easy?? :P

This assignment is called “Name that Single”.
The task is to:

Create a design for a favorite song by using just simple designs and NO WORDS…Basically a design assignment with the rules in charades. IE: for No Doubt’s “I’m Just a Girl” I would just have a symbol of a girl.     

So for this assignment, what I had to do is to create a design for my favorite song by using simple image. No words are allowed, so I designed the image as simple as possible to make it easy to guess! :)

This song is my favorite since I visited Liverpool a few years ago.
I was not a particulary big fan of them before visiting Liverpool. But I really had a good time there and learned about their history.
The process I took for this assignment:
I searched the image using GoogleImage search engine and then decorated with Aviary. I looked up stamp tool but it didn’t have stampe that I wanted so I used text tool instead. Using text tool, I typed ? and changed colors. And here’s what I got!
Aviary is such a simple and easy to use, still does great work. I really enjoyed using it :)


Original image
Decorated image with Aviary

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