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I finally started working on ds106 assignments.. I know it’s pretty late but anyways I will do my best.

Assignment I chose this time is “Greetings from ds106“.

All my classmates would know it but in case you are not from TUJ or whatever, I’m here from Tokyo, Japan. I’ve heard that Tokyo is the second largest city in the world! I’m not sure, I may be wrong. I’ve never lived out of Tokyo so I cannot compare with other cities however.. I love being here at this moment.

If I describe Tokyo just 3 words.. fun, colorful and crazyyyyy ;p
I’m not big fan of Japanese cartoons but people influenced by those wear the animation costumes and I think it is one of Japanese culture and it’s fun to see them. And if you went to the city, you can see that almost all buildings have signboards which have many colors. And finally the reason I described Tokyo as crazy is that although Tokyo is literally small city (the second smallest prefecture in Japan), there are sooooooooooo many people here like about half of Japanese citizens are here in such a small place. Lack of place to live is serious problem so we have tall taaaaalllll buildings. A problem is that they prevent us to see whole beutiful sky though :(

So, this is the greeting from Tokyo :)
I hope I can explain it well..

And sorry I edit this picture by iPhone. I wish I could use Photoshop or any good editor on the internet next time.

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