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Inside The Tormented Mind (Kuleshov Effect)

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Description: Create your own Kuleshev effect demonstration by putting together 4 clips a la what AH describes here: 4 clips should be: 1) a medium or close-up shot of a person looking at the camera with no or subtle emotion x2 2) object of emotional response 1 (woman and baby in AH clip) 3) object of emotional response 2 (woman in bikini in AH clip)

The reason I decided to name this video “Inside The Tormented Mind” was to show the how powerful the mind can be. I wanted to give this video a deeper meaning besides just showing a Kusleshov Effect. The meaning is to try and take the time to give people a helping hand. Not everyone is as mentally strong as the next. Life can be hard at times, however sometimes all we need is a sence of direction or just for someone to show us we care. Enjoy the video!

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