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18 (ds106 assignment 2)

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This assignment is called SongStory. Basically I am to choose a song that reminds me of certain memories from the past. :)

When I turned 18, I got on a plane to visit my home town Houston, Texas. I hadn’t visited the states for about 4 years and I was really out of touch with the music. I was just bewildered at the songs that everyone knew.

The song that reminds me of all the memories when I visited Houston, Texas is definitely this one:

When I first heard this song that year I was like, “He’s on a boat?….ok….” lol But anyway, it really reminds me of the time I went to Houston because EVERYONE knew this song. My birthday is in August so we went to Galveston, swam in the back yard pool, went to house parties and so much more. I love the summer and the warm sun hitting the back of my neck. And I also thought it was fun to hear all of my friends sing this song every time it came on. Such good memories :)

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