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Getting Started!

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Ok, so here goes my first blog. ¬†Trying to figure out how to set up a domain, web host, and blog was really sorta confusing to me. ¬†I never think about how the internet or a computer works, in fact I probably take it for granted. ¬†I now have developed a new appreciation for it. ¬†To get started I had to buy a domain name. Once that was done I had to buy a web host. ¬†It took a little while for my web host to configure my account, which freaked me out, I thought I did something wrong. ¬†Once I¬†received¬†the email that said my account was confirmed, or something to that effect, I had to log in to my newly purchased domain and change the place where my domain was located to my newly purchased web host. ¬†Then finally I had to set up this blog. ¬†Without the tutorials, I am pretty sure I would have never figured out how to do this. ¬†I am not even sure if I am talking about this process correctly, using the right lingo. ¬†I also don’t know that I actually understand what is really going on with everything and how they all work together. ¬†But what I think is happening, is my domain is just a name (something to identify me/my blog), and I need a web host so my domain has some where to live, instead of just roaming around in internet space. ¬†When my domain name is being searched the webhost directs it to my site.

Not only did I learn that I am not very computer literate, but I also discovered I am a creature of habit and like to use the same names for most everything because I don’t want to forget anything. ¬†I have a long list of log-ins and passwords, that I hope I never lose. ¬†Because that would be one really sad day. ¬†I am really excited to take on this new class and see what I can do. ¬† I made it through the first week and am excited to have my own blog site.

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