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The Pop Culture .GIF

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Assignment: For ‘Pop Culture .GIF’ we have to make an animated .gif relating to popular culture (ie: music video, movie, tv show, celebrity, etc). I chose a scene from Manila Luzon’s Hot Couture video.

Process: I took screencaps of what I needed from Manila Luzon’s music video (7 total) and combined them in GIMP.  I worked on each half separately then in the end expanded the right side’s canvas and pasted the boy into each layer. I had to redo it after I accidentally mismatched the boy by a pixel in a few layers.  Oops :( I saved the image and set the frames to cycle at 20milliseconds.

Story: After watching the video for Hot Couture I thought that the scene between the boy and his mom would make a good gif. The narrative there is that the son has makeup and earrings on and while he’s dancing around his mother walks in on him. Her surprised face turns into a smile and she pulls out a pair of sparkly red shoes for him.

It’s a nice gesture of acceptance for her child and I think the gif turned out decently, although I think it would’ve been better served if the kid were looking a bit happier.

– Paul

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