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Assignment 3

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The two articles highlight the evolution that the internet undergone since the 1990′s and most prevalently in recent years. ¬†Tim O’Reilly’s What is Web 2.0 explains how services have changed forms from their initial state. ¬†Moving away from being a secular entity BitTorrent and AdSense reach out and are able to reach massive populations of people either through varying methods. ¬†Either through sharing capabilities amongst internet users or presence capabilities nearly everywhere online. ¬†Instead of the internet being a place to simply receive it became something that involved sharing and interaction between users. ¬†Now the internet at the 2.0 level has become a socializing entity thats growth is only stunted by the creativity of its users. ¬†Similarly, Bryan Alexander’s Web 2.0 Storytelling demonstrates how the social networks of today have not only shaped society but the entire culture of storytelling as well. ¬†Going along with O’Reilly’s observation of the accessibility and interaction available through the internet, Alexander sees users utilizing this new form of media to convey an idea or story. Comments that would have been restricted to one’s mind or physical social circle now can be shared on a global scale. ¬†Instead of sharing your excitement over the Super Bowl with the people you’re watching the game with you can now Tweet it and join the millions of others trending the same topic. The expansion of the internet while still remaining a highly personal thing is an extraordinary feat. ¬†And every personal detail that one posts or writes about on the web is a story within itself that then can be taken and interpreted to an audience. ¬†The internet has now solidified itself as the ultimate storytelling platform by giving a voice to the author and including an endless audience.

Timeline of Storytellers: Evolution-of-Storytellers-


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