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Cyber Infrastructure

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I don’t know where to begin, so I will begin by¬†elaborating¬†on what I picked up from the video. I was blown away to learn what Gardner Campbell had¬†to say in regards to the disadvantages of Digital Facelifts and the advantages of personal development of cyber infrastructure. I realized how Digital Facelifts were bad for the online community because it would only replicate processes that were created a long time ago such as newspapers and reapplying the same process and format to the online web, with limited to no creativity or progress in¬†development¬†during the transfer. However, what Gardner Campbell is suggesting is that teachers and education alike propose a new way of educating and introducing younger generations into the online world; as creators.

Just the same as children are introduced to the real world, children observe and interact with the things around them in hopes to someday create and partake in the same processes and roles that adults use to cultivate our world into what it is today. But now, younger generations will be able to participate and cultivate their talents and what they are good at as well as being in full control by participating in cyber infrastructure. This is just as Gardner Campbell said occurred during the release of a game called Little Big Planet. The game allows you to play and the be the creator of your own levels. The game gives you mostly all the components that the developers used to create each level and allows you to upload them to the server and share them with the online community. This truly brings sharing and creativity to a new level. One on which everyone and anyone can learn from.

So why should this ingenious idea of selflessness be kept to a game? It isn’t. However, it takes a¬†variety¬†of people to realize that this is the direction the general population needs to move in. By creating a cyber infrastructure for ourselves which includes having our own domain and control over what we do with it; it creates self expression that unique to us and that we can share world wide. This cyber world becomes an alternate world where we can share a whole lot more with everyone which can ultimately intellectually¬†benefit¬†everyone. Although it sounds like a¬†Utopian¬†idea, there are many ways that this can go wrong and be manipulated by the “bad apples” of¬†society. Although it is important that we strive to get there more than anything else.

We can express who we are as well as offer new insight to others along with any other¬†opportunities¬†that might arise, these situations become endless with the proper amount of motivation and good will. I have realized that this is the step that DS 106 is taking me in and I have become¬†conscious¬†to the greater¬†scheme¬†of things as it has been laid out by Gardner Campbell and I wholeheartedly agree. ¬†I’m glad I am on board and able to contribute something that will hopefully make groundbreaking progress.

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