Gardner Campbell Assignment

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Why do people not want a bag of gold? It seems that because it is not a norm people do not want to think outside of the box, even for a richer experience. Gardner gave the example of them asking what were they supposed to do with it and even asked when did he have time to look. This coincides with the idea of personal cyber infrastructure. We as students are used to things being given to us such as our emails and blackboard accounts used for school. This things, even though convenient like paper money instead of the “bag of gold”, limits our creativity as well as our learning experiences. This also occurs with the idea of the digital facelift. There is no real changes or progression, but merely a change in appearance. This isn’t necessarily a good thing for us as students. Creating our own cyber infrastructure not only allows  us tools for creativity and expression, but a great learning experience that can aid in jobs as well as personal experiences with the digital world.

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