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This infographic is created by Mixi corp. in December 2011. (Mixi is the most popular social network in Japan, but Facebook is overtaking it recently) Mixi used its own surveys and various statistics (e.g. the surveys made by Tokyo University…etc.) to make this infographic. Mixi asserts that statistically, the users show real identities rather than using it as a scam. On the top, it says 65% of users save each other as a mixi friend while meeting up in reality (physically). 81.5% of mixi friends have already known each other before, and 70% of the users use their real names to register the accounts. The most interesting part is on the left bottom side; most people use facebook to keep in touch with long distance friends, but use mixi with close friends. Twitter is mainly for gathering information and making friends that have same interests.

These days, more and more people use social network to commit crimes, but this infographic somehow tells us that we shouldn’t be paranoid.

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