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Marie Antoinette Santorum Bagman Campaign Poster

Vive la révolution du papier! How hilarious is Bagman? I mean really, these are the ideas I covet because I wish I was funny, but I’m not. And also because I love how its so simple. Who would have thought THAT paper bag would have me in stitches. Thanks to my fellow DS106 lifer, Brian Short (aka Bagman creator) for suggesting this assignment. I love that I get to make fun of politics, AND give a nod to his comical video rants. If you missed his video of a Rick Santorum / Bagman press conference, you can catch it below.

In honor of his joke about Santorum being like Marie Antoinette in some bizarro world of politics, I chose to make my campaign poster of the Santorum Bagman in high French style.

Tutorial on how to turn Bagman into Marie Antoinette:

  1. Downloaded the image from Brian’s flickr page. (Click on the image, then on “download large version”. Save.)
  2. Opened saved picture in Picnik.
  3. Under Edit tab, I added stickers to dress him up royally. Some of these stickers change seasonally.
  4. I then applied a purple vignette border under the Effects tab
  5. Then applied a 1960s filter to get the discoloration and rounded edges
  6. Added the appropriate text.
  7. Saved picture.

Done! Oh how I prefer Picnik to its technically superior big brother, GIMP, which I tried yet again to use to create this poster. EPIC fail – even after watching a couple tutorials from fellow classmates. I’m just not use to the interface yet. Its going to take some time…

So the poster was fun to make and less brain-draining than the autobiography cover. I’m still giggling when I look at it. Keep being awesome Bagman; you bring the votes, I’ll bring the cake.

(Click here to read the details of the assignment and to see other submissions.)

*Note: Picnik closed on April 19th, 2012. The tools were merged into Google+ to enhance shared pictures. You can access the tools by uploading a photo, clicking the image to open it, then clicking “creative kit” to access the tool.

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