“Name… That… Single!!!”

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Does it sound completely redundant as a human being to say I love music? Doesn’t everyone love something they consider music? Iconic sounds shape who we become and how we see our world. This assignment brought two of my favorite things together: Music and Minimalism. Trying to represent a song with no words, just simple shapes and pictures was a challenge. But I had the perfect song idea! See my picture below and guess in the comments if you think you know which song it represents.

Name that Single!

How/Why did I make this design?

  1. Using MS Paint (again, I know, but it works!) I created a square canvas.
  2. I filled half the shape with one color, half with the another color.
  3. I used the selection tool to select a smaller square within the larger one.
  4. I went to Image > Flip > Flip Horizontal to flip the selection.

Done! As for why I chose this song, the artist was always meaningful in my life (pivotal in music in general really), and this song and its music video pushed what was then the boundaries of what people were used to seeing and hearing. If that doesn’t say me, then, well… you get the picture. Or do you? I’ll take your guesses below, but hold your coin.

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