Actual First Design Assignment: Propaganda

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This was my first real design assignment, worth 3 stars.  I’ve always liked the propaganda posters in UMW’s library, so when I saw this assignment I jumped on it.  The most difficult part of completing it was probably selecting the poster to modify.  I figured that commenting could stand to benefit from propaganda, so I set to work finding a poster about teamwork.  I settled on this one:

Original Propaganda

The first thing I did was to remove the writing from the poster.  To do this, I selected all of the areas with writing, and then deleted my selections.  I then used a tool in Paint.NET that allows you to copy a color from somewhere in an image.  I selected the background gray color and used the paint bucket tool to fill in the spaces where there was previously text.

My next step was to add my own text.  I went through a bunch of different options but eventually settled on Impact.  It isn’t the same as the original, but I think it does a good job of highlighting the importance of commenting.  I then thought of some phrases that were about the same length as the ones on the original poster in order to keep spacing and sizing similar.  I added this text in new layers on top of the poster and sized it to match the original.  I used the color-stealing tool on the original poster to select font colors.  And that’s all this assignment required!

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