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Attempt at an Over-Dramatic Reading of Shel Silverstein’s Messy Room!

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Okay for my second audio assignment, I completed the “Over-Dramatic Reading” worth 2 stars.  I choose to read Shel Silverstein’s “Messy Room.”  When I think of Shel Silverstein’s poems I think of funny, crazy, off the wall humor, so when I envision this poem being read, I envision someone joking around, having a funny tone while reading the poem.  I attempted change it up and read it the way I think it should be read, with disgust until the very last sentence when I attempted to act surprised.  From this assignment, I discovered that I am not very good at making my voice change moods, at least on command.  I choose this poem because I love Shel Silverstein, I think his poems are fun and creative.  I also choose this poem to read (and don’t judge me) because it reminds me of my room which is more often messy than it is clean.  Funny thing is I often know where more of my stuff is when my room is messy than I do when it is clean.  I decided to talk with disgust ringing in my voice because I feel like his poems are suppose to be funny so I wanted to add a twist, and also because it’s the way my momma would talk about my room since she would have to tell me like everyday to clean it up.  Now I have gotten a little bit better about keeping it clean, but I still have my messy moments.

Completing this assignment was very simple, I found the poem I wanted to use.  By what you ask?  Goggling of course!!! Then I left the poem displayed on my computer screen and opened my sound cloud app (yay for iPhones).  I recorded me reading the poem, which took a few times because I kept having to stop because I ended up laughing in the middle of the readings.  Finally when I did not laugh and liked a recording, I saved it and uploaded it.  Then I inserted the link into my blog and here we have it.  Enjoy!

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