Over-Dramatic Reading: Price Tag

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You want drama? I know all about it. Would you like to see my resume? I wonder if I still have the spark of the theater in me… The over-dramatic reading assignment gave me a lot of flexibility to read anything, anyway, as long as I made it my own. I chose a song by Jessie J, “Price Tag”. I chose this song because I love Brits and she happens to be smashing. This song was her breakout hit in the U.S. and her look and sound are very dramatic compared to my more casual reading. For my version, I thought it would be fun to add a few sound effects to my voice using Audacity. Listen to my version:


Now watch Jessie J in her music video of the same song below:

Yeah, I prefer her version too. But it’s still fun to play around with context by changing how you hear something. Want the details on what this assignment is and to hear what others have submitted? Go here: assignments.ds106.us/assignments/over-dramatic-reading/

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