It’s Alive! A live radio show that is.

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Get ready to see science and humor come to life on DS106 Radio…

Our midterm group assignment is to come up with a 20 minute radio show to air live on DS106radio. Effie, Stephanie, and myself are producing “Micro Radio” – a show all about science humor, thanks to the biology majors in the group (everyone but me). I happen to be completely detached from the science world as a creative type and non-genius. BUT that being said, my nerdy cornball humor is about to meet its match. We are intentionally going over-the-top nerdy, corny, science-y. I have no idea what the punch line means to some these jokes, but its always fun to pretend. Plus these ladies are awesome and friggin hilarious.

Here’s what we have so far:

Name: Micro Radio

Members: Effie, Stephanie, & Samirah

Our 20 minute show will include the following:

  • 15 second bumper – 1:
  • 15 second bumper – 2:
  • 30 second commercial (for show):
  • 30 second satire commercial (to air on show):
  • Dating Advice with Rosie: Callers advise the socially awkward biologist how to score
  • Darwin Awards: Dummies who self-eliminate themselves from the gene pool.
  • Pointless Research: Ridiculous studies someone got funding for, but WHY?!
  • 4 minute song: (to be added from Symphony of Science)
  • Promo Poster 1 – (by Stephanie, starring Willie the Hydrothermal Worm):
  • Full-length show (1st draft – editing by Samirah Tamimi)
  • Full length show (2nd draft  – editing by Stephanie Hintzen)
  • Full length show (FINAL draft – editing by Samirah Tamimi)

It’s now Sunday and my group is mostly done.

This process has taken quite some time. Audacity gave me trouble with importing certain WAV files, despite downloading the required “Lame” library so it would recognize those files. I don’t know why technology refuses to be friendly to me at times, but such is life. Other problem areas for me was simply learning how to edit the layers “in sync” without creating awkward silence. Also, the quality of our vocal recording was not as good as I would have liked. I would have preferred three mics feeding into one recording versus three people crowded around one mic.

I also had too many ideas, too many opinions, and too specific a “game plan” to be able to relax and get this project done quickly. I was very nit-picky. But I hope the many hours (days) I spent on the editing shows through in the final product. My ears are too used to the sounds to have much of an objective opinion!

Our delegation of work was ok. My group members did almost all of the scripting, brain-storming, etc. I did the recording and much of the editing, and my group members took care of the documentary, poster, and some of the final mixing. So far, I’m pleased with what we’ve accomplished! I just wish it was done BEFORE spring break so I could have actually had a day off. But I’d rather a hard “A” than an easy “C”. Hope it pays off!

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