My Stance Obsession

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I absolutely adore this car. Over the past year, I have developed an obsession with cars that sit aggressively low to the ground; otherwise known as “stance”, where the wheels and tires fit snuggly underneath the fender, with decent spacing and slightly negative camber. Call me crazy, but it gives me a feeling of being whole; as if I just finished a delectable meal, and can now sit back and revel over how good it tasted. The car pictured above; a Volkswagen Golf mkii owned by Jamie McToldridge, sports BBS E50 wheels custom built by Rotiform using pre-1978 centres and mounted to motorsport barrels is. This particular automobile is definitely on my list to own at some point in my life; and the combination of wheels, color, and suspension, makes it one of my personal favorites. Credit to Stephen Brooks for the photo.



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