Minimalize Your Philosophy (2 Stars)

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SEIZE THE DAY…TOMORROW ISN'T PROMISED. This is a quote I like to live by. We never know when it is our time to die so why not do any and everything that you can? If I was to die tomorrow I would never want to look back at my life and go……WHAT IF?


  1. The tool I used for this assignment was Photoshop CS5. First thing I did after opening the program was to create a canvas size.
  2. The next thing I tried to do was to make the whole background black which I could not figure it out. I did stumble upon the gradient tool which i used for the poster. I knew I wanted my poster to have something to do with seizing the day, so the shifting from light to dark was perfect.
  3. After making the background gradient I had to create a new layer. On this layer I inserted my text “Seize the day”
  4. I then created a new layer and inserted my text “Tomorrow isn’t promised”
  5. I then created a new layer where I pasted my picture of a coffin that I copied off of google images
  6. I then used the tool erase the background to blend some of the white from the picture in the background so it wouldn’t simple look copied and pasted but like it was part of the poster

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